Thursday, September 29, 2016

Catch - Up - March & April (Part 1)

March- Baton Rouge Music Studios

In March, we went to the Baton Rouge Music Studios for a tour of their facilities.  Plus, we learned the process of recording a CD track.  They took us on a tour of each of their practice rooms along with their recording studio area.  They also have a large room with a stage where they host many events.  During the recording process, different students were selected to help in the different process along with the group who sang in part of the song.  

April - Audubon Historic Site Nature School Day
In April, our group attended the Nature School Day at the Audubon Historic Site in St. Francisville.  They had different stations set-up talking about different things in nature the were more specific to Louisiana.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Are we an active group?

Yes, we are a very active group.  However, we haven't had time to keep the website up to date with field trip/activity pictures. So, feel free to find out more info about our group under the "about us" tab.  There is also a "resource" tab with lots of helpful links for you to use and a "contact" tab in order to  get in touch with me.  Thanks!