Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kemp Farm

In March, we went on a field trip with Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers to Kemp Farms.  We had so many people interested in this field trip that we had to schedule 3 different days for our group.  The Kemps were some of the kindest people you could meet.  You could tell they have a love for farming and a love for teaching children.

Mr. Kemp started our field trip off with a history lesson about their farm with the different crops that have been grown there,  how he grew up on the farm, and how it continues to get passed down from generation to generation.  Also, he talked to the children about how most products and all food come from a farm. 

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Emma getting to pet and hold a bunny.


Learning about chickens along with a chance to hold them.

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Getting to see pigs and some piglets.

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Here I am holding a piglet.  Man, these pigs have a terrible scream.  They sounded like little unhappy toddlers;)

Funny story:  As I was putting the piglet back on the ground in its pen, a sibling piglet decided to pee on my foot!!!   Yes, we had a good laugh and I was thankful for the nearby water hose since I was wearing flip flops:)


The children had the opportunity to feed a donkey, cows, and goats.

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After our group saw the animals, we swapped with the other group for a little lesson about corn.  Then, the children planted some corn to take home with them.

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Then, we had a hay ride that took us to ride horses.

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After riding the horses, we had a long hay ride around the farm.  We were not able to stay but many of the families stayed for a picnic and play around the farm.

They kids had a wonderful time there.  It was a fun and educational field trip.  Plus, the weather was wonderful.