Saturday, September 10, 2011

Children’s Discovery Center

A few weeks ago, we had a field trip to the Children’s Discovery Center in Hammond, LA.  The center is closed on Mondays but will open if you have a large enough group to reserve it which is what we did.  It was great having it to ourselves.


We divided everyone up into 7 different groups to rotate in 15 min. intervals from station to station.  This helped keep it organized and everyone had an opportunity to enjoy each station.

This Discover Me station was their newest station.

_8210037a       _8210008a

_8210010a _8210012a

 _8210015 _8210017


_8210020a       _8210022



Bubble Station

Everyone loves the bubbles.  It gets kind of messy in their with that many kids playing.

_8210027a _8210028a

_8210029a _8210146a

_8210031a _8210149a


Creative Station

They were making dinosaur feet for the day. 

_8210041a _8210042 _8210043a

Grayson with his dinosaur foot.


_8210158 _8210160

Preschool area

This area was for children 3 and under to play.

 _8210045   _8210046a 

_8210048 _8210050a


 Milking the Cow


_8210056 _8210058

_8210069 _8210071


 Shrimp Boat

_8210060 _8210157

_8210169 _8210171 _8210170

Life-size operation game

_8210072 _8210064

_8210079 _8210083


_8210081 _8210078


 Vet Examining Table 


_8210154a _8210087


A replica of a Cajun restaurant in the area

(They even had table and chairs with menus the kids could pass out and play restaurant.)



Hot Air Balloon

(When you pushed the button, the balloon felt like you were moving.  When you looked over, it looked like you were looking over the city of New Orleans.)

_8210094 _8210166



Construction Zone 

_8210100a _8210102a


Train table inside the construction zone

_8210113 _8210107

_8210109a _8210132a

_8210110 _8210115

_8210114 _8210123



_8210128 _8210129


Theatre and Music

_8210140a _8210141

_8210138 _8210139

_8210162 _8210164


Lego table

_8210134 _8210165

It was a great day of play and hands-on learning.

A slideshow from Candi's pictures.