Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Louisiana Regional Airport

In May, our homeschool group, Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers, toured the Louisiana Regional Airport in Gonzales, La.  We had so many families from our group interested in this field trip that I had to schedule four different days in order to accommodate everyone due to the limit restriction. 

Until someone told me about this airport, I never knew that there was an airport in Gonzales.  This was a great opportunity for our children since they would never be able to tour a large airport in this capacity due to the heavy security guidelines.  They saw planes take off, a person learning to fly a helicopter, got to be up close and personal with the runway, see the weather equipment, and get into one of the planes.  


Before we went out to the hangers and runway, Ms. Janet talked to the children about general aviation.


_5210062 _5210091

_5210117 _5210134


_5210177 _5210183

_5210219 _5210223

Here the children are learning about the different equipment used to tell about the weather conditions for the airport.


Ms. Janet showing the kids how they check the fuel level for the small 2 seater planes.

_5210249 _5210250

Here’s pics of some of the children in the plane:

_5210251 _5210252

photo (3) photo (2)

_5210270 _5210273

_5210281 _5210302

One of Bayou Cajun Babies

photo (4)

Here’s a glimpse of our group for the day minus a family that had to leave early.

 photo 4x6-0513279_zps1bd9f036.jpg

The kids got to go into one of the hangers where they have some passenger planes.

_5210311 _5210309

Look how much fuel was for the airplanes that day per gallon!!!


After the outside portion, we went back in and got to see an aviation map that showed all of the regional airports in the state.  Ms. Janet also gave the kids a drink and cookies.

_5210314 photo (1)

Pictures from other groups that attended on different days