Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cabela’s Field Trip

Several weeks ago, our homeschool group, Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers, went on a field trip to Cabela’s.  It was really neat.  The store does field trips which include the following for each child:

*Guided interactive tour of the 3 museums and 1 aquarium set    on a level to entertain children of all ages
*Scavenger Hunt through out all of Cabela's
*Shooting Gallery Tokens for each child
*Fish food to feed the fish in the pond
*Lunch for the child which includes pizza, drink, and dessert.

We were split up into three different groups so we could roam the store.  Did you know that Cabela’s has been opened 50 years this year? 

It’s a huge store with lots of real, stuffed animals from all over the world.

P6060092PhotobucketP6060094 Photobucket

Here we are waiting in the conference area so that we can get our instructions before we split up into groups.



Did you know that if you kill an elephant overseas that you’re not allowed to bring the tusk with you?  You can stuff it but without the tusk.


P6060108 P6060113a


The Gun Gallery

P6060121 P6060122

They had a sniper rifle used in the military.  It can fire it’s bullet 3 miles.  Ms. Christine is showing the kids the bullet for this gun.  Each bullet cost $5! 

P6060126    P6060125

P6060127 P6060132a

P6060141a P6060145

A picture of  group 1


P6060155    P6060160a


P6060163 P6060164a

Some of the kids got to test out a tree stand.

P6060169  P6060172

P6060174  P6060175

In the shooting gallery

P6060182 P6060183

P6060193 P6060197 P6060199

The Back Country Wildlife Museum

P6060221 P6060207

P6060208 P6060212 P6060213a


P6060218 P6060219


Eating our lunch

P6060224 friendsP6060231a PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Each group got to go to the General Store for a bite of fudge.  They make all of their fudge in their store daily. P6060232

P6060233 P6060234

More of the store

P6060237 P6060240

The Aquarium

P6060246 P6060250

P6060251 P6060257 P6060273

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Kristie, one of our moms who is a photographer, made this video from our field trip.  She captured some great pictures and said I could share it with you.  Thanks Kristie!!!

Check it out!