Friday, October 21, 2011

Cajun Country Corn Maze 2011

Monday we went on a fieldtrip to the Cajun Country Corn Maze. Just like years past, the kids had a great time and we closed down the place.

We started off learning about the farm animals and getting to feed them.
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Then it was time for the pig races. This was the first year that I actually watched them.
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Miriam was chosen to cheer for one of the pigs...actually she was supposed to cheer for a pygmy goat. She didn't care that her goat lost...she got a blow pop!
Finally, it was time for the maze!


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One of the moms braved the lift to ride up and take a shot of the maze. Thanks Kristie! Be sure to check out her photos from the maze.
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After lunch, it was time to play and enjoy the rides. They added 2 new things this year...a bouncing pillow and a "hay" ride minus the hay!
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All the pictures that I took are in the slideshow below

Here’s a video that Kristie put together from the field trip:


You can check out Amy’s pictures from this field at her blog:

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