Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BCHS Thanksgiving Celebration

This was our 4th Annual Homeschool Thanksgiving Celebration. (1st as Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers) Like other years, we had six different stations for the kids to rotate for learning and hands-on fun. We had around 100 people this year. Each year it seems to grow. I think it gets better too. This year some of our station leaders really put in a lot of time and effort into their stations for a great learning experience for our children.

Candi and I work hard to make this happen and run smoothly each year. Since Candi allows us to have this event at her home, she gets a lot of the work setting up for the event. She prints name tags for each person, a group leader packet for each group that has instructions and a rotation sheet so that they will know where to go at each rotation. Thank you Candi for all of your hardwork and computer labor!!! I couldn’t do this event without you:)

Thanksgiving Info Station

Amanda did a fantastic job with this station. She prepared a great lesson on the first Thanksgiving with lots of facts and info. She had lots of books, charts, and maps.

In fact, she really needed a lot more time. The moms kept asking for more time….everyone really enjoyed this station.

_B160005 _B160006

_B160004 _B160038 _B160068


_B160069 _B160073

_B160123 _B160124 _B160146

Cupcake Turkey Station

Tiany did a great job making this station run smoothly. The children made edible turkeys out of cupcakes. This was a yummy activity.

Thanks Tiany for baking all 100 cupcakes!!!


_B160014 _B160049


_B160053 _B160080


_B160120 _B160121

After they made their turkeys, the children had make-a-turkey sticker sheets to keep them busy until it was time to rotate to the next station.

_B160110 _B160111

Weaving Station

Rachel had all of the paper prepared and cut into strips for the children to “weave” paper placemats.

_B160016 _B160017


Here’s two sweeties hanging out during their families turn at the weaving station:

_B160019 _B160093

_B160061 _B160089


_B160094 _B160059 _B160156

Butter Making Station

Allison lead this station. She even brought some of her chickens and eggs for the children.

At this station, the kids made butter, ate homemade wheat bread, and learned how the Pilgrims and Indians had to be self-sufficient during that time period. They couldn’t run down the street to the store to buy their eggs, get their butter, bread, or other products.


_B160023 _B160024

I made 3 loaves of bread for this station with fresh wheat flour that I ground for the children to eat with their butter. I also brought wheat berries and wheat flour for the kids to see and touch.


_B160027 _B160159 _B160028

Here’s some of the butter that was made along with buttermilk.

_B160096a _B160097a

_B160025 _B160055

_B160036 _B160037

_B160057 _B160084a

One of the chickens even laid an egg during the celebration! Here’s Karen showing off the egg:)


_B160086 _B160090

_B160091 _B160095

_B160129 _B160130

_B160154 _B160155a

Corn and Squanto Station

Laura did a great job presenting information about the different types of corn and the different uses of corn. She even grew some of her own corn to show us and she made some popcorn for the kids to snack on during the presentation She also shared info on Squanto during this presentation. He was instrumental in teaching the Pilgrims about corn.


_B160030 _B160031

_B160101 _B160032 _B160102

_B160103a _B160119a


Thanksgiving Craft Station

Becky ran this station. She graciously took this station after one of our moms had to cancel due to an unexpected surgery. Thanks Becky!

The children made this Thanksgiving Craft at this station.


_B160009 _B160011

_B160012 _B160013

_B160042 _B160043

_B160045 _B160046

_B160040 _B160076 _B160106

_B160107 _B160122 _B160147

_B160149 _B160151

After we finished rotating through all of the stations, we enjoyed a wonderful feast together. All of the families brought food the share. It was delicious:)

_B160136 _B160133


_B160140 _B160141 _B160143a

_B160144a _B160145a


_B160165 _B160166

_B160167 _B160169

_B160171 _B160174


Random pics:

This precious 1 month old baby girl (Her first activity!) The other little girl had enough and fell asleep in the arms of one of our teenage helpers.

_B160177a _B160116

Thanks to all of you who worked to make this another great year!!!

These are the pictures that Candi took during the celebration.