Thursday, December 6, 2012

5th Annual Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers Thanksgiving Celebration

On Tuesday, November 13th, we had our 5th annual Thanksgiving Celebration at our house again.  It was a great turn out as usual with over 100 people attending.  We had lots of new people to our group as well as lots of new homeschooling families. 

First we started off with instructions and prayer for our feast.
We had 4 rotations this year to give some of the stations more time. So we combined some of the quicker stations into one.

1st Station: Thanksgiving info with Miss Amanda. She always does a great job preparing and has lots of information for the kids. Even with 30 minutes, she still ran out of time.
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2nd Station: Oreo Turkey and Craft with Mrs. Tiany. Half of the group made an oreo turkey while the other half decorated a waist apron and then they switched tables.
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3rd Station: Corn Husk Dolls with Mrs. Rachel. We are so thankful to have Rachel as part of our group so that she can do these types of crafts with the kids. She was so prepared that she had several laminated instruction sheets.
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After they were finished making their dolls, she talked about the 3 sisters of agriculture with them.

4th Station - Pioneer Food with Mrs. Allison. She brought her chickens again this year and one laid an egg on the way to my house and the other laid one while she was there. The kids made butter and got to sample it with bread. She talked about how the pioneers had to be self-sufficient or barter with neighbors since there were no grocery stores.
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After the rotations were finished, then it was time to eat.

After lunch, it was the kids' favorite thing...playtime!

Thanksgiving and football...don't they always go together!

I'm thankful that our neighbor is now homeschooling and is willing to help me with my little ones.

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