Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baton Rouge Zoo Fieldtrip


For March, we took a field trip to the Baton Rouge Zoo in which the children were going to be participating in one of their Ed-Zoo-Cational Programs.  We had so many participants that we had to schedule two back to back classes in order to accommodate everyone. 

Here’s our group for the day:

(This was the first time that we were able to wear our new homeschool shirts.)
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Candi took this picture since it was our mascot in our logo.
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The children learned about the pyramid of life: Producers, Primary Consumers, Secondary Consumers, and Tertiary Consumers.  They were able to touch a chinchilla, a blue-tongue skink, a Madagascar cockroach, and see a screech owl.  They also had a touch and see table available for the kids after the program.

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Candi and I are the ones who contribute and run the blog for the homeschool group.  So, the last picture has the two of us with all of our children together.


We had a gorgeous day for the zoo.  The weather was sunny with highs in the low 80s and no rain.  Just perfect!  I think everyone had a good time. 

The next field trip will be one of our older kids field trip to Whole Foods which will also take place in March.  We try to incorporate an older field trip once a quarter with a field trip for everyone monthly.