Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fire Station Field Trip


Back in January, our group went to the Port Allen Fire Department.  They were so kind and accommodating to our large group. 


The kids were able to tour the station.  Then, we gathered in their living area for an informational talk.  They learned all about the requirements of becoming a fire fighter, becoming a volunteer fire fighter, fire safety, and escape plans at your home in case of a fire.   

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Then, they were able to go out in the bay area and look at the different fire trucks and equipment.

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_1160055 _1160056 _1160059 _1160060 _1160061

Some of our cuties…

_1160064 _1160062 _1160035 _1160029

After they looked at the fire trucks, we came back in for a demonstration of their uniform from one of their volunteers who is also one of our homeschool dads.

_1160071 _1160072 _1160073 _1160080


If all that wasn’t enough, they had a table loaded with goodies for the kids and parents to take for our enjoyment.



It was a beautiful day and they did an incredible job considering we brought 200+ people to their facilities that day.


Thank you Port Allen Fire Department!!!


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