Saturday, March 14, 2015

Coca-Cola Plant Tour


Back  in February, our older kids from our group had a field trip to tour the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. plant in Baton Rouge.  It was a great tour showing the whole operations process.  We were not allowed to take pictures while we in the actual bottling area but we could take them throughout the building while in the conference room and different photo ops during the tour.  Also, we had two different tour days due to the size of our group.

Here’s just a few of our crazy kids!  Who says, homeschoolers don’t have fun or socialize;)

189 190 193 194

Silly moms

196 195

In the conference room…


we were shown a video of the whole canning process from start to finish.  Did you know that they can 1,800 cans a minute???

Also, Mr. Royal let the students and parents ask as many questions as they had during this time.  He also brought in a lady from Human Resources to talk to the children about education, important info regarding the hiring process, and what was needed to work at the plant as well all of the different types of jobs that are available.

199 200 201 202

Taking pics along the way to the bottling/canning area…

203 204

After we walked through the working plant (no cameras allowed),  we went to their training room where the delivery guys learn the methods used to display their products at each individual store. 

Side note:  While in the plant, the children were able to see the laboratory where the chemist test all of the products coming off the lines throughout each run to ensue quality products.

205  209


While we were in the training room, we had a lady from the graphic design area/merchandising come and talk to the children about that process of the business.  We also got to walk through the area where they make banners and displays for the different stores in the area.

206 210 186 187

Group 1


Group 2


Some of the pics taken in the lobby after the tour.


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