Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sound Radio Field Trip

A few weeks ago, some families from our homeschool group drove up to Centreville, Ms to The Sound radio station.  The kids got to tour the little station and learn about the process from the person talking to hearing it on the radio.

Centreville is a small town in Mississippi.  It has a population around 1300 people.  However, they have this radio station from which sound teaching and preaching are heard for miles around and a WWII Museum (That will be the next post!)

This is what you see when you pull to the building in a little courtyard.

_7140220a _7140223a

The group


Getting ready to walk into the radio station.


The kids watching Pastor Willie Kennedy through the window talking on the radio.


The radio station is in an old store building very classic for a small town.  It used to be the Chapman Brothers which is where they got the sign and the glass case.  The case had different items brought to them from missionaries around the world.

_7140240a _7140242a

Pastor Kennedy is showing and telling the kids about the process from the microphone and sound board to the transmitter tower.

_7140243a _7140244a _7140245a

The adults were enjoying the lesson too.


In the back of the radio station is a room that is set up like a little chapel.  They have it for prayer time and hold little services there every now and then.  On the wall was a map that showed the coverage area for the airways of this station.  It covers some parts of Mississippi and Louisiana.


_7140251a Waiting in the front of the building while the other group was at the museum next door.


We broke our group into two smaller groups since the radio station and museum were small.  One group toured the station while the other one toured the museum.  Then, we swapped.

After both tours, Pastor Kennedy drove the entire group in a caravan about 1 1/2 miles away to the big transmitter tower for the station.  It is 500 feet in the air.   

_7140332a  _7140333a

You can the see the transmitter station in the background.


After we got there, Pastor Kennedy was talking to some of the adults and the kids got distracted chasing small grasshoppers in the tall grass.


Ian said, “Look mom at the tiny grasshopper!”

_7140337a _7140338a

Pastor Kennedy took us in the transmitter station.  It had a/c which was nice considering how hot it was outside :)  He told them all about the transmitter and more of the process.

_7140339a _7140340a

_7140341a _7140342a



This was a great field trip.  My next post will be about the Camp Van Dorn WWII Museum that we toured while in Centreville. 

After we left the transmitter tower, we caravanned to a park about 35 miles away in Liberty, Ms to picnic and play.  Some of us were able to eat but it started raining on us so we had to cut the playtime short:(

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