Thursday, August 4, 2011

BCHS Ladies Tea

A two weeks ago on Thursday night, we had a tea or ladies gathering for the moms and teenage daughters at Candi’s house.  It’s a great time to fellowship, talk about curriculum, or every day life issues with other moms without the distraction of little ones running around.

Here’s some cute Disney character cups and saucers that Candi had out decorating her island for our Disney loving friends (Tiany and Allison).  Tiany, we missed you but Allison loved the mugs!!!

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_7200008a _7200010a

Yummy, gourmet cupcakes made by my other friend, Candy.

 _7200001a _7200003a

Apache Bread which was all gone except the bread bowl when we finished and a veg. tray. 

_7200011a _7200012a

Cookie Dough Truffles and Amaretto Brownie Trifle

_7200013a _7200020a

Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Sweet and Sour Meatballs, and a Sandwich tray

_7200014b _7200017a _7200021a

The food was delicious.  Great job, ladies!!!

Here’s the gang.


We didn’t have as many make it this time and a couple had to cancel at the last minute.  Anyway, we had a good time with good and profitable conversation.  The time got away from us without us noticing.  We finally looked up and realized it was late.  I look forward to the next time we get together…maybe we will have a few more moms and more daughters.

Thanks Candi for having  us in your home!!!

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