Saturday, May 16, 2015

LSU Tiger Stadium Field Trip

In March, our group had 4 different days scheduled to tour the LSU Tiger Stadium.  This was a fun and exciting field trip for the kids and the parents.


The different groups:


IMG_4990 (1) IMG_7805 IMG_7930 IMG_7944


Meeting and hanging out with Mike the Tiger before the field trip.

IMG_7727 IMG_7854 IMG_7948IMG_7708

IMG_7705 IMG_7706

IMG_7856 IMG_7868 IMG_7932 

Getting ready to enter the stadium.

IMG_7939 IMG_7935 IMG_7731 IMG_7730

We entered through the Bill Lawton Room where the tour started with a video from the 2014 Football season hi-lights on the big screen with stadium seating.

IMG_7732 IMG_7733 IMG_7734


Inside the Hall of Fame room

(It had pics from every LSU player who had made to the NFL.)

IMG_7740 IMG_7741 IMG_7742 IMG_7943 IMG_7747

IMG_7872 IMG_7748 IMG_7749

In the Bowl room..

(It had items and pics from all of the bowl games that LSU has participated in the past.)


IMG_7750 IMG_7752 IMG_7751 IMG_7754 IMG_7753 


In the game day locker room:

IMG_7759  IMG_7760   IMG_7946


IMG_7837 IMG_7757

Getting ready to run through the win bar out to the field!

IMG_7761 IMG_7762IMG_7844 IMG_7766 IMG_7767 IMG_7771 IMG_7774


Outside on the field…

(Most of the groups were able to run on the field and even play some football!)

IMG_7779 IMG_7781 IMG_7783 IMG_7788  IMG_7809 IMG_7936IMG_7995

Random pics of some of our kiddos/families from those day:


 IMG_7847 IMG_7850 IMG_7855  IMG_7859    IMG_7908 IMG_7927 IMG_7724 IMG_7928 IMG_7815 IMG_7867  IMG_7938

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