Wednesday, July 16, 2014

BCH Homeschool Forum

On Thursday, May 29th Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers hosted a homeschooling question & answer forum. We had a panel of 7 moms from all different backgrounds.  Some had large families, smaller families, had graduated some, still teaching some, along with moms with many young children.  We had over 100 moms and dads from the surrounding area attend this evening. Our mom panel answered many various questions from how to get started all the way through graduating high school.    I hope this was a night of much encouragement and knowledge pass along to all of our attendees. 


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Lined up to sign in, get their name tags, and enjoy some food and fellowship before we got started.

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We had many local businesses donate food, door prizes, and items for Thank You bags that went to the moms on the panel for this event along with some of our moms.  Thank you to Chick-Fil-A Mall of LA, Alexander’s Highland Market, Angel Britches, Oak Point Fresh Market, Gambino’s, Las Palmas (Highland Rd.), Italian Bowl Restaurant, PF Chang’s, Sylvia’s Sweet Boutique, The Homeschool Lounge and Baton Rouge MomsVielka’s Jewelry Box, Charleston’s Candles & More, SBJames Photography, Andilynn’s Elderberries, Dr. Susan Bankston @ The Baton Rouge Clinic, Thirty-one Gifts ~ Vielka ValdezAvon ~ Elisa Bankston, Mary Kay ~ Genedi Shamburger, and Bath Blends and Beyond. 

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Thank you to the moms who helped set up everything for this event!!!  This was, by far, the largest event that we have hosted.

(Amy, Anita, Angela, and Candi)

Below is video of the Question and Answer Session:

Clink here for a link to our resource page which was part of the handout that evening.

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