Monday, December 16, 2013

Port Hudson Field Trip

On Friday, October 18th, we attended the Port Hudson Living History Homeschool Day.  The day started off with a “bang” by the 42-pound cannon.
 photo 4x6-1013060_zps38992af0.jpg
Then we started rotating between stations. Our first station was to Civil War soldier life. He told us about the uniforms and demonstrated how to load & fire a gun.
 photo 4x6-1013062_zps8d2575f1.jpg photo 4x6-1013064_zps84e9e135.jpg photo 4x6-1013067_zpscf998b82.jpg photo 4x6-1013070_zpsc2da5301.jpg  photo 4x6-1013071_zpsb0cba550.jpg  photo 4x6-1013065_zps875316cd.jpg photo 4x6-1013083_zpsab386b70.jpg photo 4x6-1013079_zps1f964842.jpg photo 4x6-1013080_zps2c87f01f.jpg
The next station was about river boats that were used in the war.
 photo 4x6-1013078_zpsbfe8d8af.jpg photo 4x6-1013081_zpse1f0f94c.jpg  photo 4x6-1013082_zps104d58cf.jpg photo 4x6-1013075_zpsfc7f498b.jpg
The 3rd station was about civil war food that the soldiers would have cooked over an open fire. We got to sample salt pork and johnny cakes.
 photo 4x6-1013090_zps7f7f4720.jpg photo 4x6-1013085_zps9e70b43e.jpg  photo 4x6-1013088_zpse5df552c.jpg photo 4x6-1013086_zpse85bfd9b.jpg photo 4x6-1013087_zpsb70d2ef9.jpg photo 4x6-1013089_zpsacd8a660.jpg
Station 4 was a game of Civil War baseball where some of the rules differ from today's baseball.
 photo 4x6-1013091_zps05725589.jpg photo 4x6-1013092_zps0098f56f.jpg photo 4x6-1013093_zps82a302a5.jpg photo 4x6-1013094_zps87aa6f6d.jpg  photo 4x6-1013095_zps59c5ac4f.jpg  photo 4x6-1013096_zpsd02d73da.jpg photo 4x6-1013097_zps4f2a675b.jpg photo 4x6-1013098_zpsd201cb8e.jpg photo 4x6-1013099_zps30fc2ea0.jpg photo 4x6-1013100_zps22bdad88.jpg  photo 4x6-1013101_zpsd1a0413a.jpg photo 4x6-1013102_zps9a856a62.jpg

Our 5th station was a break where the parents visited and the kids played.

Moving on to our 6th station was the medical station where we learned about field surgery. Cai helped to demonstrate what might happen if you get shot in the arm.
 photo 4x6-1013103_zpsd7308828.jpg photo 4x6-1013104_zps87f11c86.jpg  photo 4x6-1013108_zps84d971d4.jpg photo 4x6-1013109_zps660c32ab.jpg photo 4x6-1013112_zps9f881ad0.jpg photo 4x6-1013113_zpsbf9bdc24.jpg photo 4x6-1013114_zps9bed089d.jpg
In the 7th station, we enjoyed the musical stylings of "Roscoe, Lee, and Abadie."
 photo 4x6-1013115_zpsbd5b1bdf.jpg photo 4x6-1013121_zpsb28dad99.jpg

The 8th and final station was a demonstration of one of the cannons.
 photo 4x6-1013122_zpse82d40db.jpg photo 4x6-1013124_zps70c8432d.jpg photo 4x6-1013125_zps48ab0447.jpg  photo 4x6-1013126_zps583346d1.jpg photo 4x6-1013128_zpsbce36fe0.jpg  photo 4x6-1013129_zpsc4716ffc.jpg photo 4x6-1013131_zps0130a367.jpg  photo 4x6-1013133_zpsa65c9d47.jpg photo 4x6-1013136_zps90178841.jpg photo 4x6-1013138_zps3b21d0a9.jpg

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