Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yawn Station Christmas Tree Farm #2

A few weeks ago, our group went to Yawn Station Christmas Tree Farm  for a field trip.  The farm offers field trips in the spring and fall.  The spring field trip allows the students to pet chicks, bunnies, ducklings, feed the adult turkeys, chickens, and ducks, ride the train, and plant a plant.
_4240155 While they loved all of the animals, the children really enjoyed the train.  They might have worn Farmer Joe out from all the train rides because they had him driving them all day!

_4240010 _4240013
 _4240028 _4240029_4240035 _4240036 _4240037

Here’s a picture of Candi I took while riding in the opposite train car behind her:)

 _4240106 _4240109

Farmer Joe
After a few train rides, the kids were given a snack and drink before getting to pet the chicks and bunnies.

_4240065 _4240063

Here I am feeding Isaac his snack.  I think he really enjoyed it;)
Fun with the bunnies
Look at this giant rabbit!!!  He was huge.

_4240074 _4240075

Farmer Joe teaching the kids different facts about the rabbits and chickens.

_4240081   _4240082   _4240083   _4240095 _4240088 _4240089

I loved this bunny!!!  It reminded me of a stuffed animal, all soft and fluffy._4240090
A baby pheasant

_4240098  _4240099

While we were at the farm, each child got to plant a plant to bring home.  Since we were there as families, each family got a large pot or pots with each child’s plant in it to bring home depending on the size of the family.

_4240101 _4240102_4240104 
 _4240103 _4240105
_4240110 _4240041

They even had a play area and picnic tables for the kids to play and eat lunch.

_4240026 _4240027100_1521  _4240051 _4240055 _4240052

Looking around the farm
Farmer Joe had peacocks, pheasants, chickens, geese, ducks, and bunnies.  He sells yard eggs by the dozens, chicks and chickens, and bunnies.  Some of the bunnies are raised and sold as show bunnies.
_4240040 _4240112


  The Christmas trees
After a many of the families left, some of our boys went exploring through the Christmas trees.  I found these pictures of Ian and Cameron playing out in the tree area on Ian’s camera.

100_1525100_1526 100_1528 100_1529

It was a great day.  It was sunny yet breezy.  I’m not sure if we could have asked for a better day.  To say that we stayed the all day is an understatement.  We left our house at 8 am and didn’t get home  until 5:30pm.  The farm was a little over a hour from our house (not counting traffic) but was worth the drive.
Thanks Farmer Joe for having our group at the farm!!!

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