Saturday, April 7, 2012

Whole Foods Tour

Last week, our group went on a field to to Whole Foods Market.  Due to the limited size allowed per group, we had to set up tours two days back to back to accommodate our group.

This was one of our older kid field trips because Whole Foods Market only do these tours for children ages 5 and up. 

Group #1


Kelly took us on a tour around the store.  We started in the produce department.   She talked to them about the fruits and vegetables…organic versus nonorganic, etc.



Does anyone know what kind of vegetable this is?

(It was a type of radish.)

_3270139 _3270140a

During our tour, we got samples to enjoy.  We enjoyed some yummy pineapple.


_3270142 _3270143

Next, we went to the seafood department.


_3270146 _3270147

In this department, we were able to sample fresh tuna salad.  Boy, it was delicious.  I had no idea how much better fresh tuna salad would taste.  It had a mild flavor.  I was pleasantly surprised considering that I’m not a big fan of tuna salad made with can tuna.


Meat Department

_3270150 _3270151

We got to see this man making sausage.


Sample:  organic little sausages

_3270157 _3270158

_3270159 _3270161a

Milk section:

We sampled chocolate almond milk.

_3270162 _3270164

Cheese Department



Sample:  Two different goat cheeses.  One that was aged 6 weeks and the other was aged for 6 months. (The older one had a sharper flavor.)

_3270168 _3270167


Fresh Baked Bread

_3270170 _3270171

My favorite department:)

The Bakery

We got to sample a sweet treat.




They make fresh brick oven pizza in the store.

_3270176 _3270178

Coffee Department


Kelly was telling them about coffee beans.

_3270184 _3270185

Passing around the coffee beans.  These are hard non-roasted beans.


Sample:  Yummy, hot chocolate with whip cream on top:)



Last department:  Lotions

They got a sample of some coconut lotion.

_3270192 _3270193

Group 2

(They took the tour the next morning.)


It was a very nice tour.  We really enjoyed all of the samples.  Kelly did a great job keeping the kids engaged and interactive while she taught them different things about food they may not have already known.

Thanks Kelly!

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